COVID-19 and your Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding while dealing with the COVID-19, A few tips and advice from your Wedding Planner. 

As I always say: "Planning a lifetime experience requires the proper planning essences" Imagine doing all the planning, Your wedding invitations go out and then we are faced with the ugly truth that has become of this pandemic of COVID-19 (Novel Corona Virus)....

Last week, I had what I call the most heart-breaking week in my entire professional career. Facing the uncertainty of this virus, closures to venues, hotels, vendors and having to re-schedule more than 12 events for the next 2- months was truly one thing I never thought as a planner I would face. 

Hearing my clients cry to me over the phone when we had to give them the news that it's best to postpone was something that still today brings me to tears. 

This is suppose to be one of the happiest moments in a couple new life together. How is this happening so close to their wedding date. Invitations went out, RSVP's are in, Timelines have been approved, final seating arrangements have been completed, Vendors are paid up, I mean the list goes on..... 

While this is all new to everyone and as I have kept telling myself (This too shall pass).... and it will. Positive outlooks is what we have to hold on too through these times of unforeseen circumstances. 

During this time, I want to continue encouraging couples all over the world looking to get married that this too shall pass!... We are all in this together and together we will get through this and come out of this stronger than before. 

A few things we have learned through this and want to share with you all while planning under this COVID-19 pandemic... 

(Don't stress, Don't worry and most importantly Don't fear!)

A few tips to consider during this time:

  • Consult and communicate with your planner at all times. Your Planner is your best advocate during this time and will provide you with the proper steps and sources to take. 
  • Stay informed with the CDC's latest recommendations for hosting events and Do's and Don't's.
  • Think about your guests and how the virus is known to affect elderly guests or people with pre-existing conditions. That being said, the safety of everyone involved should be the utmost priority. 
  • Review all your vendor contracts and see what are their policies for postponing, cancellations are  and make sure they have a clause for "Force Majurce" Events - (Acts of God). 
  • Allow your planner to work with your venue and vendors and find alternative dates for postponing. You'll need to find a date that works for everyone's availability and we encourage when you postpone to consider a new date within 6-12 months from your original date.  This allows your vendors to have more flexibility when searching for a new alternative date. 
  • As I said before "Communication is key" especially during this time. Your Planner more than likely will have quicker access to vendors so rest assure on her help on this. Always keep them in loop of any communications you might of had with any vendor. 
  • You've change your date now make sure to get addendum from all your vendor teams this will also represent your change of date. 
  • Make sure you keep your guests informed through a wedding website and provide them with the most current and up to date information surrounding date changes, new hotel room block accommodation updates and wedding schedule updates. Your wedding website will be the most useful tool you can have to translate information to your guests and latest updates after your postponement. 
  • Most Importantly "Stay Calm" while this is not what anyone wants; We have to remember that we need to stay positive and find Silver Linings through all this.. 
  • Everyone's health should be a priority starting with you both, your families, guests and vendors. 
  • Remain optimistic through the change and know that we are always here for you all and we will get through this together! 
  • Last but not least, Let's continue planning and looking forward to the big day.... 

So to all the couples planning during this time don't be discourage and continue planning, Don't be nervous! We are here for you! Together we are stronger through this! 

For couples looking to plan a wedding in the future maybe late 2020 or into the future (2021 and so on).. Don't let this stop you from planning your dream wedding. Now is actually the best time to start planning for your future date with wedding professionals. 
Your Planner will guide you through all vendor contracts and proper measures to take through the planning. Most vendors are accessible through emails, virtually and over the phone so consult with your wedding planner on the proper approach and establish a game plan for the future. 

Stay Well, Be safe and pray for the healing of our beautiful world... 

XOXO, Jessie  


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