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Luis and Annette's Wedding 2.22.13 Epiphany Church and Westin Coral Gables

The world we live in is so small! I had the pleasure of planning the wedding of my childhood neighbor. When I was about 8 years old, I moved away from the house I was born and raised in to another part of town and our neighbors were amazing! My neighbor's mother took care of me as a child and I referred to her as my "abuela". When we moved away life took it's own course and everyone went there separate ways with just a short amount of communication! I was happy she found me on Face book and became a fan on my business page and I remember clearly asking her... "Is this Annette that I grew up with?" and, she replied "yes" well a few months later she and I discussed her wedding and I was happy to be a part of such a gorgeous day! The day of her wedding I was overwhelmed with excitement to see all those that watched me grow and considered my extended family! Amazing how small our world is right? Annette was such a great bride and knew exactly