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Jason and Francesca Coral Gables Congregational and The Epic Hotel

Francesca and Jason came to me through a mutual friend and they are such a fun couple. Jason has hidden super hero powers and he showed us those during the reception. I will never forget on our consultation he went on taking about different things he wanted to involve in the reception consisting of Super heroes. Well, to my surprise at the Reception Jason had on a superman shirt under his tux and he had batman socks.  Under the direction of Sandra Haugen  one of our lead coordinators she executed their wedding day during my maternity leave. I, however worked closely with Francesca until I had my daughter. It was a fun journey assisting them with their wedding plans. Gregory Paul did an amazing job capturing all the great details she put together for her wedding reception. Ceremony held at the classic and beautiful Coral Gables Congregational Church and the Reception was held at "The Epic" hotel and the correct word was "Epic" indeed their wedding was. From stunnin

Jessica and Jose's Wedding

Another Fabulous wedding that I just received photographs for and I couldn't resist sharing with you all the images Gregory Paul Photography sent me. The best part of my job is when you coordinate a wedding and a bride continues to recommend me to her family and friends after so many years! I had the privilege and honor to Coordinate both of Jose's cousin's wedding and now his very own. This beautiful couple now share their love with an adorable little princess named Olivia. "Liv" as they call her. Enjoy these pics!    

Kendra and David's Wedding

Our team, Coordinated Kendra and David's Wedding this past March at The Spanish Monastery. Kendra and David lived in Hawaii during the planning process of their wedding because that is where David was stationed. Through many emails and early morning phones calls we made this wedding become a reality. Kendra had a set vision of how she wanted everything to look like and my team made sure it was all coordinated and coming together as she visioned it.  Below is a recap from the photographer's blog and I had to share a few of their wedding day images taken my Domino's Art myself to show the energy this wedding had. From many Mexican wedding traditions throughout the ceremony to the rec eption to ending the night with the craziest and funniest "Hora Loca" I have seen to date. Please enjoy! Domino's blog post and images..  The bride chose to use The Ancient Spanish Monastery for her reception as well, the hall a stunning backdrop for her dinner and reception.