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The Pico's Wedding highlight by Delight Media Productions

The Pico's Plymouth Congregational and Rusty Pelican

In all my years planning weddings, I witness the most beautiful love stories but this one is topping the charts. Elizabeth and Brian both live in Chicago now but lived and have families here in Miami, so they decided to have their wedding here and none other than the most beautiful church Plymouth Congregational followed by the reception at Rusty Pelican.  Working with Liz and Brian for their day of was so much fun, they both were hands-on and knew exactly what they wanted for their big day! Liz looked radiant just like a porcelain doll  when Brian did see her it brought tears to his eyes.  I was able to be a part of putting together their "First look" at the church but they didn't want to see each other, they just wanted to touch hands and speak to each other. I must admit I had tears in my eyes hearing Brian talk to Liz and give her a sense of calm. Brian and Liz have the strongest relationship I've ever since and they definitely share a love that