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Jessica's Events Gives back to the community yearly contest

It's that time of the year again! Tis' the season that we give back to our community. Our annual Jessica's Events giveaway contest will be very different this time. The past 2 years we have either given away a service of some sort or just given away our candy stations BUT, this time 2013 gives back contest has a twist. I know most contest on Facebook are conducted with a photo submission and getting votes on your photo which honestly most of the time creates drama... Therefore, our contest has a meaning behind it instead of not only winning our services this time we give back to "The make a wish foundation" a percentage of what your free services will be. Having said that! This contest requires "SERIOUS ONLY INQUIRES" Please share with us the story behind your wedding. What we are looking for are the following: What struggles you faced to plan this wedding? Why is this wedding so special for you? what is the importance of making this wedding