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Carrolls on cloud 9 -Vizcaya Mansion

Some couples just come into your life for a reason. I believe god places certain people in your life for a purpose. Shannan a fashion designer for ShayeBlue (her own brand) and Ryan a Marketing director. Both lived in Atlanta, Georgia and decided to have their glamours wedding in Florida at Miami's gem Vizcaya Mansion. Planning details with Shannan was always a pleasure from vendor recommendations, to logistics planning meetings, we literally covered every aspect to the wedding possible. They incorporated beautiful 70 years old family china for each guests from plates to coffee cups. (Extremely beautiful pieces) to gorgeous centerpieces incorporating lanterns, small vintage decor pieces and each table was a famous Hollywood movie name from "Gone with the wind" to "Titanic", to "The Notebook"... You can truly say you were at a Hollywood gala in the 1940's with this wedding experience. I absolutely loved how Shannan knew exactly what she wante