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Alexandra and Richard - Hotel Colonnade

If you've followed me for some time now either through this blog or on social media channels then you will understand what my clients mean to me. This is one of those clients that will literally forever hold a place in my heart. Alexandra came recommended from a grade-school friend and when we met we just hit it off instantly. I met with Alex, Richard and her father Mr. Berg. (Whom I can just sit here and rave about forever). Alex and I planned her wedding for a little over a year also and I can strongly sit here and say that when I get the opportunity to plan with my couples for their "Full Planning" experience, I truly get to know them, the families and like Alex says now, I am no longer her wedding planner but family. As a planner, this is my goal and privilege. It's a beautiful thing to do what I do and, because I get to meet so many beautiful people but, I also get to be a part of someone's most important day.  The night of Alex and Richard's wedd