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Sadie's 1st Birthday

Sadie CandyLand /Sweet Shoppe Birthday party. I most share that planning and putting together Sadie 1st birthday was an amazing experience. The theme speaks for itself and putting everything together was a lot of fun for us. The many different colors is what made the candy station stand out and it was the talk of the party. We added photos of Sadie from her 1st Birthday session to give the table some decor. Along with hand knitted cupcakes and wooden letters spelling out the word "SWEETS" This has been one of the biggest and yummiest candy stations we have put together to this date. Sadie's Mommy (Erika Moya ) and I are very good friends since High School and I was delighted and honored when she reunited and contacted me to help her with Sadie's party. Thanks Erika. Happy Birthday Sadie. I wish you the best and I'm looking forward to planning all your other Birthday's. Love your Titi Mimi. :)

Yvette & Cesar's Wedding

For Yvette & Cesar's Wedding we basically came in during the final stages of planning and just coordinated and out together the event's set up and Candy Station. With the theme of Cuba meets Columbia this is their fall wedding outcome: Congratulations we wish you the best of happiness.