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Michael and Tatiana -Church of the Little Flower and Westin Colonnade Coral Gables

Mike and Tatiana..... By far one of the best couples I could of had the honor of planning their wedding. Working with these two a year and a half before the big day we had enough time to seamlessly plan and execute not only the wedding of the year but the most amazing wedding ever.... How ironic is it that these two met in elementary school and although the love story didn't start then these two reconnected in college.. Michael will do anything for his Tatiana and Tatiana is so in love with Michael you can just tell by the way she looks at him. I can say that over my year in planning with them, I learned about both of them and how both of them are amazing individuals and deserve the world. Tatiana and I hit it off so well and I am honored to call myself her friend. From late night text messages to sincere advice from my heart, I am humble to say we are the best of friends now. I am humbled to have been able to guide them through their entire planning process. I promise you thes