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Jessalyn white- A snow white vintage inspired birthday party!

As a planner, I've always found my heart on events; especially weddings. It wasn't until I became a mother that I really didn't see all the fun that it comes with planning children parties especially themed ones! I love everything about Disney those that know me well refer to me as Cinderella (my favorite princess)... I told myself each year, for my daughter's birthday's I would do her parties of different Disney princesses. (Since there's so many) This year, I selected "Snow White" a vintage inspired story book that lately has been making her ways back into the spot-light! I was not into Pinterest as I am now when I first began planning her party. So I did it the old-fashion ways, I bought myself the book of the making of Snow White. I studied the characters, locations, the roles of all the dwarfs EVERYTHING! I then, began creating ideas in my mind of different stations to do at the party. From the witch and the apples to the dwarfs in the mine. E