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Ashely's Quinces

Ashely celebrated her quinces at Hilton Miami Airport. Taking us to Spain our event's theme was well planned and constructed. The cake was displayed on it's own stage right in front of Ashely's court tables. Ashely is a beautiful young lady with a great personality . I had a great time working with Ashely and I must share with everyone that she is one great dancer. The event decor were flamenco Spanish fans, wine bottles, photos of Ashely and candles. Beautiful chargers plate sat with a Thank you note from Ashely inside. Ashely's stage had the feel of Spain . Her floral were a little over 5 feet tall on a brass stand with candles from the side of the arrangements. This is the entrance to the cocktail area also decorated with floral and each cocktail table had a flamenco dancer on the table as the centerpiece. While walking in the beautiful entrance to the cocktail area there was an Ice Sculpture with Ashely's name on it. What event of ours

Melissa Prat's Quinces

Melissa Prat celebrated her Quinces Mardi Gras style at Hilton Miami Airport. The Guest place cards were Mardi Gras mask. The Reception decor was all based on the color scheme of Green, Gold and Purple. All the linens were satin and the table centerpieces were all feathers in a cylinder vase with green gel. You truly felt like you were in a Carnival. What a great Candy Station Melissa had. From M & M's to lollipops the candy station had all kinds of candy and sweets. Finally the moment Melissa and her family had been waiting for arrived. Melissa made her grand entrance to Kelly Clarkson " A Moment like this", Melissa cake was shaped and designed as a crown. The court dancing a salsa number with Melissa What better way then to start the party with Samba dancers. Happy Birthday Melissa.