Friday, March 22, 2013

Bode Music Productions - Vendor Spotlight

Luis Bodé

DJ/Remix Artist/Producer

Phone: 305.538.8484 email: written by: James Cubby

DJ Luis Bodé first transformed his love of music and a hobby into a moneymaking profession at the tender age of thirteen. At sixteen Bodé’s music-buying habit was augmented with a stint in a small record store where he thrived on the latest music and trade publications. Although Bodé was Cuban-born, as a resident of Miami he found himself in the right place at the right time. Miami Beach suddenly became the trendy and hot “South Beach,” a nocturnal playground for celebrities and models with Bodé being one of the first DJs to hit the scene.

Bodé worked the turntables at a series of South Beach clubs perfecting his own signature sound along the way. In 1988 at Joseph’s on the Beach –a club later known as Groove Jet and then Rain-- Bodé ruled as the resident Sunday night DJ providing a “progressive, new wave, house, semi-gothic” sound. The early nineties had Bodé move to Sempers, a very private upscale but ultra-chic bar on Ocean Drive, where he created a “lounge” sound (blending Brazilian bossa novas, Latin cha-chas, and jazz with club beats) almost a decade before the style became popular. Bodé’s collaboration with the infamous “Queen of the Night,” Tara Solomon, on Karaoke Wednesdays at Sempers was documented in Interview magazine.

In 1991, the weekly publication Antenna wrote, “DJ Luis Bodé will be taking South Beach by storm this season, so keep your ears open for the sounds of DJ Luis Bodé.” Antenna’s forecast rang true as the music of DJ Luis Bodé recreated more than a storm, but a tornado of sound that still endures well beyond the club circuit.

Bodé utilizes his vast knowledge of music often surpassing current trends to create unique musical blends or fusions. Known for his hard-hitting, Latin influenced, tribal-house sounds that kept the South Beach after-hours crowds up way past sunrise, Bodé has proven he that he can not only read a crowd but can effortlessly communicate with them musically. Masterfully working both turntables and compact disc decks like a true musician, Bodé can produce a world-beat infused lounge sound favored by the Martini crowd or energize a room with pumping tropical rhythms so popular with the South American and Caribbean cultures.

After maneuvering the turntables of the club circuit, Bodé found a wider scope for his musical talents, with mobile disc-jockey services. Bodé had created a profession from a thirteen year old’s hobby and his life-long love of music, but he was no longer content just being a DJ. Bodé now acts as president of Bodé Music Service LLC, a company that contracts DJs and other musicians (for private or corporate affairs). The company also capitalizes upon Bodé’s talents as a remix artist to deconstruct existing works for writers, singers, artists, and record labels.

Alluding to one of DJ Bodé’s all time favorite tracks (“I will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor), one can say DJ Luis Bodé has not only survived he has ridden that storm to success.  

Uplighting Services also provided by Bode Music. From Uplights to Monogram's.
Luis Bode sure knows how to keep the crowd on the dance floor.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stop and smell the roses!

A Planner's job is not only to create, manage and excecute and event from start to finish. A planner's job is also to become the bride's best friend and calm her down in any way possible especially on the day of...

I have a theory I do with my bride's I tell them to Stop! and smell there flowers right before they start to walk down the aisle. A wise person once told me when I got married to do this because it was good luck. I think it's wonderful to smell your flowers before since they smell so good but here's the thing.... Why do I also have my girls smell their bouquets? It gives awesome picture opportunities. I love when a photographer can capture a priceless moment as the picture below... To me these are the little moments as a bride you take with you and appreciate. As a planner it means the world to me to see a special moment like this captured. So special Thank you to Martha with UDS (Unique Design Studios) for this amazing moment!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Blessed to be in business 10 years and our team photo session!

As I sit here gathering the words to describe the feeling I feel (words fail me).. Who would of told me 10 years ago; I would own my own business, be my own boss but most importantly do what I do and create dreams for others... This journey has been far from easy but dedication and always moving forward has kept me here today. It's amazing that I began a business just as a hobby at the age of 20 and today it's bloomed before my very eyes. I am blessed beyond words and can't thank god enough for his blessings. There's a saying that goes "Love what you do and, you'll never work a day in your life"... That was my motivation and drive and I sit here today completely blessed... I work with my heart and soul and my job is not my job but rather my PASSION..... I take pride in what I do and can safely say I give it 200% of my time...

First and foremost, I need to thank my husband for always giving me that push and drive I needed to move forward. He's invested in me because he believes in me and knows I can go far with my dreams and expectations. He's been the best coordinator I've had since day one always with me on the day of, going with me to meetings, walk-thru's etc, etc... My family, my mom and dad, I am also thankful for; for trusting and pushing me to go forward with my dreams. Never giving up on me showing me and raising me to become a responsible person and always do good in this world and for others and never expect anything in return. For me; this is still surreal and what makes me happy is knowing that after 10 years all my couples say "Thank you" at the end of their event. Sometimes is the smallest tokens that we cherish and take with us....

Thank you to all my wonderful friends that helped me throughout the years reach the stars and be where I am today and for their helping hands also on many occasions. :) My Jackie, Janet and Ceci for helping me on many occasions when I needed them...

I have built relationships outside our network with most of my vendors and I am happy to not only create flawless events together but built an everlasting relationship with them. Truthfully, without them there will be no Jessica's Events. Thank you to all my vendors that have grown in this journey with me.

Last but not least my wonderful team.... (Better yet my little family!)
I believe god places certain individuals in your life for a reason, season and a purpose. Through this journey, I become an instructor for The Wedding Planning Institute and have met some amazing girls in my years of teaching this class. I believe opening your doors to educate others you are giving them a chance to not only start their career and dream but you're being a role model and leader. To me, that's the most important tool you can give someone... I am blessed to have met some wonderful gals that not only have I taken under my wing throughout the years but, also have become the foundation and gorgeous faces to my company. I can't thank them enough for all their hard work, dedication and most importantly what makes a company run so smoothly TEAMWORK.... We work with love and admiration and I think that's what makes us so different. We are a family and look out for one another... During both of my maternity leaves they were nothing but angels and made me so proud and honor to have them be a part of me. These girls are my rock and they are not my employee's but rather my little girls that I love so much and I am happy to call myself their friend and mentor...

As a gift to celebrate our 10 years of success, we decided to do a photo shoot and although they are not all in the picture. I need to acknowledge the one that is not in the picture because she has been the face in many of our events for many years.

Sandra Haugen was out of town when these pictures were taken but she has been nothing but a blessing and outstanding coordinator. Her willingness to get things done and her go to character makes her an asset and wonderful team member. I can count on numerous occasions when I close my eyes and left things in her hands and it gets done without any issues. I am forever indebted to her for her outstanding job. Thank you Sandra for all your hard work always....

Jhoana Beltran is another wonderful face many of you have seen and have been blessed to have around your event. Very, very hard worker, her love for this industry goes beyond words, her gorgeous and fun personality that always makes me laugh and finds a way to make me laugh is out of this world. Jhoana has been a major asset to the company by not only going above and beyond but by always getting it done with a beautiful smile... I can't thank god enough for placing her in my direction. Jhoana Thank you so much for everything...
Michelle, Nicole and Samantha: are all studying hospitality management in either FIU or Miami-Dade College. There willingness to learn and drive will take them far in life. I am blessed to have them under my wing and direct them to not only excel in this industry but sore and fly high for your dreams... I hope that you girls can find in me the knowledge you need to become professionals in this amazing and beautiful industry.... They are the most cheerful bunch and I love being around these 3... Thank you girls for all your hard, hard work!!

Our clients past and present: Without your trust we wouldn't have made it this far... Thank you all for your business throughout the years. It's been an honor to be a part of the most important day in your life....

Sit back and enjoy a few awesome pics that Domino's Art took of the girls and myself... We had so much fun and even did the Harlem Shake wedding planner version in all this... Enjoy!

Once again, Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this growing experience with me. I love you all dearly....

I had to include a pic of Sandra and Me even though she wasn't in this session! :( I am a believer that you must give credit where credit is due and although she was out of town for our photo session she is more than appreciated for all she does!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cary Diaz Photography- Vendor Spotlight

I started working with Cary when I was pregnant with my son. I had the honor and pleasure for her to take my maternity photos and I was in a total "All" by the amazing photos she captured for me. I told her my vision and she was able to see my vision and bring it to a reality. Since then she's taken most of my family portraits and couldn't ask for better results every time.... Cary's work is beyond amazing..... She has an amazing attention to detail, looks for the perfect shot and turn around time is outstanding....

Here is a little bit "About" Cary Diaz and a few images of her work. Please contact Cary Diaz for further information and pricing for your wedding or family portraits...

Let me start by saying I LOVE what I do. I experience so many memories with so many new people, and I have so much fun doing it. I am laid back and from the first moment we meet, I create a relaxed and comfortable environment to make sure your photos reflect you and your personality.

Pictures are EXTREMELY important to me. My son and daughter's photos are my most prized possesions. When they are more grown up than I ever want them to be, I want to remember their incredible smiles and their oh-so-adorable faces. I treat every one of my clients with the upmost priority, because I know how important the pictures I take are for you.

I do not like posed pictures. Even though I will be coaching you throughout your shoot or event, I want to capture your natural interactions with those you love most. I prefer to photograph your adorable kiddies close to home or somewhere they are most familiar with. Kids have this funny way of creating their own agendas and being at a familiar place allows them to be free, run around and provide you with amazing memories.

To give you a brief look at my past, my love for photography began many, many years ago, while I shadowed my father, a professional photographer during the film era. I couldn't stop noticing how happy and timeless the children and couples he photographed were. He was capturing mini pieces of their history, and his clients were forever grateful. He truly inspired me to capture life's most incredible moments, telling a story with each shot and emphasizing that momentary glance, an intoxicating smile, and contagious laughs. I embarked on this crazy journey when my son was born. He inspired me to be a better person and accomplish things I never thought possible. With that in mind, I started Cary Diaz Photography, Inc. to capture your story of what inspires you to live.

Vendor Spotlights

I want to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate all the vendors I've worked with on my events rather it's business or on a personal level. I am starting to share with you a little bit about their business, passion for their work and of course, what's a spotlight without a bio about the vendor and pictures of their work. As a "Thank you" for being the foundation of my company showing and giving my clients top of the line customer service and products, I feel it's necessary to acknowledge and Thank them for all they do to make my business excel.

Stay tuned for Vendor Spotlights on various vendors of ours!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Maria and Luis 1.5.13

Maria and Luis couldn't of asked for a more beautiful day than theirs on their wedding day. I came in to assist Maria for just the "Day of" but it was a great time assisting her with the most important day in her life. Maria and Luis exchanged vows at the gorgeous Miami Beach Botanical Gardens on 1.5.13 and they were my first wedding of this great year! I love starting the new year with weddings..

Photo credits to: Brittany Anderson Photography and Florals by: Natinel Flower Designs

I love Coordinating "First Looks" it gives the couple and opportunity to first see each other before the ceremony and ease those nerves and second the opportunity to take fabulous pictures....
A very nervous Maria walking down the aisle to her soon to be husband.

How sassy and classy does Maria look in this photo.. and then they sealed it with a kiss!
Make your introductions as Husband and wife a fun, witty and unique after all, it's a celebration...

How romantic is it to end the night with the sounds of a Mariachi Band.

Special "Thank you" to Maria and Luis for allowing us to come in and make your wedding day a stress-free and enjoyable gorgeous day! Thank you to all the vendors who made this event so special..