Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My beautiful creation Jesiah 1st Birthday

I saved the best post for last today only because it's my son! For those that know me and know the story behind my son know that he is a miracle baby. What other way was I going to celebrate the first year of his life then to throw him a huge 1st Birthday party.
Jesiah was born on July 13th, 2011 and he was a 50/50 chance of a miscarriage, at 20 weeks weeks as a mother to be I was given to worse news any parent wants to hear. "Your son will be born with down syndrome" after months of crying and praying I knew deep down inside he was just fine. My god is huge and Jesiah is a perfect and healthy baby.
As an Event Planner you want to plan flawless and beautiful events all the time and as a mother you want the best for your children and,  I was honor that I was able to do just that for my own son's party. I've been planning this event since he was just one month old. Call me crazy all you want but it was all well worth it.

Enjoy the pictures below and look how I made Sesame Street come to life!
Be sure to check out all the details I put into this party below!

Elmo has a fish named Dorothy so I brought her to our party and I gave everyone their own Dorothy but out of goldfish crackers...
I love my kid table and all my other table decor everything came out soooo colorful just as I wanted it.

My cookie Monster cookie station filled with all kinds of cookies you could think of.

 My cake was very simply but had a lot of details, I added the building and all the characters on the street. One of my best friend's went into making cakes and this is her masterpiece.

 Another one of my friend just started her own cake shop too and she did these for the party. Which were a major hit...

 Add fun props to your party, I made my own photobooth and as all my guest came in they took a picture on Sesame Street.

 Our oh so fun and special guests. "Elmo and Cookie Monster" My son expression on his face when he saw these two was priceless. His smile and laughter was so precious to see....

 Too much excitement for the little guy right when we sang him "Happy Birthday" he went to sleep on us.

Mommy is no chef but sure outdid herself with these trays. We had Cookie Monster berries, Elmo Strawberries and Tomatoes, Oscar the Grouch Broccoli and Big Bird Pineapple and Cheese.
I must say "Thank you" to each and every single person and vendor that worked with me to make this event possible!

Bee Happy Party Creations
Aly's Sugar Shake
Bad to the Bone Bakeshop
Publix for the cupcakes
M & F Photography
DJ Steven
Miami Party for my kid tables and chairs
Grandma for providing all the food
Tia Esther for making her yummy dips
Madrina Diana for making some of the platters
Tia Janet for taking pictures too
Tia Jackie for helping set up
and last but not least.......

Jessica's Events....

Carolina and Michael's Wedding

I absolutely love Weddings where the groom puts on his uniform. Carolina and Michael were such a nice and pleasant couple. I worked with them especially Carolina for just s short few months but I had a great time being able to put together her flawless wedding. Here are a few snapshots of their big day.

They got married on August 4th, 2012 and the weather forecast had predicted between a 60% to 80 %  chance of rain and not an ounce of rain fell that day just sunny and clear skies.... Just perfect...