Friday, February 8, 2013

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Jennifer and Teddy's Wedding 1.12.13 The Reach Hotel Key West, Florida

This is another one..... Where do I begin...... First by saying, God placing certain people in your life for a reason. I love when my bride's and I have a connection of some sort it brings our relationship so much closer. Jennifer is the most deepest, incredible,loving, caring person I've ever met.
From the start of our planning process always so friendly and caring and always checked in and thought of me throughout my pregnancy. Not to mention how completely nervous, I was the day before I had my daughter and right before I went to bed I check my facebook and her status said "Thinking and praying for my amazing wedding planner tomorrow on the delivery of her daughter" Small things like this are the tokens of thoughts you take with you forever.

We all traveled to Key West where this awesome wedding took place, great family and friends, awesome weather and it was just the perfect weekend...

Jennifer and Teddy have been together for 9 years and have the most adorable 2 year old ever.. Julian or Jayden as I once called him. LOL... To see the love these two had was beyond pure and perfection and it was just a great blessing to have been able to witness this union. Jennifer executed the details of her wedding very well and put so much hard work into all the elements.

Jennifer dear.... Words can't express how much you've touched my heart, my life and I am so blessed to have met you, become your wedding planner and now call you my friend...
Keep being who you are and let that big heart of ours take you far in life, wishing you, Teddy and little Julian the best in life always....

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sweet as Honey! "Darlene and Kenny's Wedding" 12.21.12

Oh where to start..... First by saying that this is one amazing couple! Not to mention how small this world is.... I actually went to High-School with both Kenny and Darlene and we all graduated in the same class.

My experience with Darlene was far beyond great, I truly enjoyed my year of planning with her and she was so supportive throughout my pregnancy. I enjoyed all of our meetings, walk-thru and of course day of experiences. Darlene was such a organized and wonderful bride and she carried every detail, every aspect with such elegance and grace.

We combined a "Sweet as Honey" theme with components of bees, honey and just wedding elegance. From the linens to the flowers we had hints of our bee's and honey theme and of course, elements that showcased these two personalities.

What can I say from this wedding.... It was by far the most enjoyable wedding her guests could of attended and I am sure they will speak of it for years to come... From strings to a choir singing at the Ceremony to Fire-blowing belly dancer during cocktail to a DJ touch screen and Conga player during the reception. This wedding had so many different elements going on throughout the night that their guests enjoyed every minute of it.

Oh and let's not forget the cutest ring bearer in any of my weddings thus far their gorgeous puppy Jaxs....

Darlene and Kenny we had a good time and I am blessed to have been able to make your wedding day such a success..... xoxoxo

Vendor credits:
The DJ Connection
Kathleen Hollingsworth with the UM Choir
Eleganza Strings
Make up by: Yaneth Gray
Natinel Floral designs
Gables Linens
Frank Nunez Officiant
Alina M. Photography
Vanneza Romero Belly Dancer
Photobooth Party
Cake Designs by Edda's
MXI Studios with Video
Hyatt Regency for Ceremony and Reception
and yours truly....