Stop and smell the roses!

A Planner's job is not only to create, manage and excecute and event from start to finish. A planner's job is also to become the bride's best friend and calm her down in any way possible especially on the day of...

I have a theory I do with my bride's I tell them to Stop! and smell there flowers right before they start to walk down the aisle. A wise person once told me when I got married to do this because it was good luck. I think it's wonderful to smell your flowers before since they smell so good but here's the thing.... Why do I also have my girls smell their bouquets? It gives awesome picture opportunities. I love when a photographer can capture a priceless moment as the picture below... To me these are the little moments as a bride you take with you and appreciate. As a planner it means the world to me to see a special moment like this captured. So special Thank you to Martha with UDS (Unique Design Studios) for this amazing moment!


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