Thursday, May 26, 2016

Your Wedding Experience hosted by David Tutera

I had the honor and privilege to be a part of "Your Wedding Experience" hosted by David Tutera this past Sunday. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of a career in the event industry. It wasn't until 2004 when my sister in law got married that I realized this is truly a passion and I need to fulfill this as a career. I started looking into courses and education needed to proceed as a certified event planner and while I became more knowledgeable I then came across celebrity and well respected planners such as: David Tutera and Preston Bailey. I followed their work and was mesmerized by the beauty behind their events and how they created beautiful jaw-dropping productions by a sketch on a paper and then brought those to reality. David Tutera's shows from "The Party Planner", to "My fair wedding" to Celeb-rations. Is just remarkable to see his work and how amazing his team truly is. I always wondered if I would have the pleasure of meeting both these creative and just overall amazing individuals one day. I guess when you want something in life you just work your way until you make your dreams come true. Part of my dreams was just that meeting these two and just telling them congratulations on their work and for inspiring so many as myself. Well, my dreams came true on May 22nd,2016. I had the honor meeting both of them. While, I was totally star struck and it felt surreal the experience was everything I could of wished and dreamed for. 

As many of you also know I am an instructor for The Wedding Planning Institute since 2008 and I had the privilege of having some of my students interns as well as myself with the Your wedding experience team. I had the honor of also seeing past and current students at this show. Overall, it was just a perfect day. Here are some pics from the show and my own experience as a VIP access guests. Enjoy! 

Student: David Bermudez interning at the your wedding experience registration booths.

 Past student and one of my own wedding guru's Annelys in the VIP access with myself.

Below are photos of David Tutera during the industry sessions giving us pointers and advice on the industry.

 Bill Hansen with Bill Hansen catering one of the best and caterers of the year in Miami. Oh and can I share how amazing their services are from staff to food experiences.
 These are some of my current students from LWPI at the show and by far one of the best groups I have had the honor of teaching and being a part of this new endevours with them.
Preston Bailey during the industry sessions, He shared with us how we creates a wedding vision from paper to reality. 

These are current and past students from some of my LWPI courses. 

Student David and myself, He is the next big planner out there, I can just feel it. 

Having this one on one with Preston was such a remarkable experience for me. Having this conversation and eye contact was just dreamy... 

And then this happened, oh my goodness Preston Bailey is such an inspiring and so loving individual. 

Catwalk provided by David himself of his own wedding dress line as well as local wedding dress salon La Vie en Blanc showcased some of their own dresses.

Events on the Loose created this spectacular dress made out of vintage plates can we say how gorgeous!! 

Evoga set up at the show was by far my absoute favorite. 

Annelys (Nelly), David and I at the red carpet. Just an amazing experience. 

I highly recommend this show for vendors to exhibit in and also just to participate in. It is by far one of the best shows out there. David Tutera experience was beyond words. I am happy I was able to make my dreams come true meeting these two. I am looking forward to participating in the next one. 

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