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Some couples just come into your life for a reason. I believe god places certain people in your life for a purpose. Shannan a fashion designer for ShayeBlue (her own brand) and Ryan a Marketing director. Both lived in Atlanta, Georgia and decided to have their glamours wedding in Florida at Miami's gem Vizcaya Mansion.
Planning details with Shannan was always a pleasure from vendor recommendations, to logistics planning meetings, we literally covered every aspect to the wedding possible. They incorporated beautiful 70 years old family china for each guests from plates to coffee cups. (Extremely beautiful pieces) to gorgeous centerpieces incorporating lanterns, small vintage decor pieces and each table was a famous Hollywood movie name from "Gone with the wind" to "Titanic", to "The Notebook"... You can truly say you were at a Hollywood gala in the 1940's with this wedding experience. I absolutely loved how Shannan knew exactly what she wanted and did some amazing DIY projects from all her signs being hand-written on mirrors, to her own napkins.
The day was gorgeous although weather was not in our favor at some points, we still managed to make this event as seamlessly considering the weather. 
Shannan and Ryan both have hearts of gold and Shannan is so loving and caring. Both of their families were delights to work with. 

We had the pleasure of working with Mena Catering and the instrumental Lily De La Osa from Mena who planned and execute not only the most amazing family style main course but she as well planned so many details for this event and her team on the day of were exquisite.   Lily and I worked closely together for pre-planning and on the day of we both teamed up to make this event unforgettable. (Highly recommend and love working with Mena's team)

We had so many other vendors that made this wedding truly magical some came from other states and we hoped they enjoyed our beautiful Miami while they were in town. Shannan and Ryan photographer Amber Fouts with Our labor of Love who was such a delight to work with and the Band Oh lala Entertainment.

Some of our local vendors included: Lea Petit Sucres did the amazing sweets, cupcakes and cake and oh the vintage pieces from Love in Vintage including the His and Hers bar backs.

Florals from our local vendor Natinel Flowers and String lighting from Total AVS.
DJ Donny events!info/c240r collaborated with the Band and also provided photobooth. 
Video from Steadfast Weddings.

I, personally want to "Thank" every single vendor for making this wedding possible including working with us on our rain plan. To my amazing team: WOW! you all really outdid yourselves at this wedding and this is what "Team work" is all about.
Sit back and enjoy this beautiful photos from Amber Fouts and some from our cameras. 

Shannan said... 
Where do we begin? From day 1, I think Jessica knew I was a high-maintenance bride, a kind/sweet one, but I am more detailed than anyone I know, and I think she could tell. She and her team handled all of our ridiculous requests from the beginning with grace... by ridiculous, I mean a u-haul FULL of my mother's family china, centerpieces, and special decor for all over the ceremony/reception. We had a very specific plan for the day of the wedding, and we were totally ready to execute. We had crossed every t and dotted every i, even with 7 last minute cancellations. However, we did not have a solid "rain plan.” I guess we all just figured it was South Florida, and how bad could it really get? We expected a shower, but nothing more. Boy, were we wrong. The entire day everything looked fine, and then, right as our guests boarded buses to come to the venue, the rain came pouring down... on top of EVERYTHING. Our entire reception was set up outside, and had to be rushed into the mansion at Vizcaya. Jessica and her team had to figure out how to selvage all of our items and have a ceremony, seated dinner, reception, band, and dj all inside of the small courtyard at the Vizcaya mansion. Tears began to fall down my face as I realized our dream wedding was now "ruined" - or so I thought. Jessica came and found me, and told me not to worry, that they had everything under control. She and her team flipped the entire space upside down in a matter of about 45 minutes. It wasn't at all what we had planned... but it was as beautiful as it could have possibly been. I have no clue how they did it, but they solved our nightmare and made it into a magical, perfect evening. Our guests were so delighted that they cheered as we finally made it down the aisle inside of the mansion. Jessica and her team handled chaos with grace and composure. We cannot thank them enough for being the perfect planner. Do yourself a favor and don't choose anyone else :). WE LOVE YOU JESSICA!
Wedding: 03/07/2015


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