Jessalyn white- A snow white vintage inspired birthday party!

As a planner, I've always found my heart on events; especially weddings. It wasn't until I became a mother that I really didn't see all the fun that it comes with planning children parties especially themed ones! I love everything about Disney those that know me well refer to me as Cinderella (my favorite princess)... I told myself each year, for my daughter's birthday's I would do her parties of different Disney princesses. (Since there's so many) This year, I selected "Snow White" a vintage inspired story book that lately has been making her ways back into the spot-light! I was not into Pinterest as I am now when I first began planning her party. So I did it the old-fashion ways, I bought myself the book of the making of Snow White. I studied the characters, locations, the roles of all the dwarfs EVERYTHING! I then, began creating ideas in my mind of different stations to do at the party. From the witch and the apples to the dwarfs in the mine. Everything it just all started flowing into my mind... I carefully planned and and wrote down my ideas, my visions and turned them into a reality but, I couldn't do this all by myself of course, I needed a team to help me bring this all to life. Sit back and explore as I share with you how Snow White became a reality for my very own Snow White...

As every story starts with "Once upon a time" check out how these book jewelry boxes were transformed into the story of Snow White...

My tables all different but the concept was to bring the forest to life in these tables, from bird cages, Snow white dolls, white and yellow flowers, burlap runners to give it a vintage feel, to bunnies, birds, squirrels all throughout the table.

My very own and I think favorite item was the hand-crafted mirrors I made all the little girls for the party. With a frame that said "Thank you for coming to my celebration" "You're the prettiest of all" please take a mirror.

The boys didn't stay to far behind after all they are all shinning knights so they all got swords and shields.
We all know witches aren't nice especially in this story since she wanted Snow White to eat a poisoned apple. We we created a "Pick your poison" station filled with candy apples, regular apples, apple juices and poison water..

My cake table with a beautiful backdrop and Jessalyn's photo in the middle from an oval frame to give the illusion of the mirror. The cake also had a oval frame with a photo of Jessalyn in it and all the sweets you can think of on the table from amazing custom cookies, apple cake pops, brownie pops made of snow white, chocolate covered oreos, all sorts of pies to name a few..

I had each one of my team coordinators dressed in Snow White inspired outfits and we all had red bows.

Heigh-Ho Heigh Ho- Whistle while you work.... So we all know the 7 dwarfs work on the mine and what is inside the mine? Jews, Gems, coins and all those goods. So our candy station was sorted out as the mine and all the dwarfs working on it. One of my favorite tables while brainstorming..

These amazing Apple Tree balloons where just the perfect touch we needed to feel as it we were inside the forest.

It's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed the details and party as much as Snow White did herself...

Special Thank you to the team that helped make this event everything possible because of you all is why I love doing what I do... "Thank you" 

Balloons- Just 2 Party

Cake, Cake pops and Candy apples-
Florals and Linens-
Back drop and Grass walls for cake table and DJ- Infinity Sound Productions
Custom Cookies-You can call me sweetie-
Photo session Melissa with Simply Captivating
Party photos- Ricky with Simply Captivating
Snow White Character-Enchanted Fairy Tale Party-
Stationary goods: Paper dreams party creations

These photos are copyrights to Simply Captivating and Jessica's Events, I ask to respect and please don't copy and save these images. 


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