Friday, August 29, 2014

Top 10 wedding day regrets!! Here are a few tips to avoid these...

Lately, I have done some reading on articles on the knot, and bridal guide to name a few and I've come across regrets couples have on their wedding day. I will list the top 10 from my finds while reading along with some tips I would suggest couples do to avoid the stress, headaches and even drama.

1. Not hiring a videographer? Most of the time its because budget doesn't allow it or I've heard "Oh I will only see the video once" Let's be real- This is one of the  only memories you'll stay with after your big day. Video don't only document the entire day but if you invest in a professional videographer/cinematograher these professionals can actually create a story of your wedding day and they are truly masterpieces. Think about it guys!

2. Not investing in a professional photographer? Ok! another one that to me its extremely important going back to number 1. Another important vendor that will capture your day from start to finish. Photography is another one of the only things you'll keep from your wedding day. Invest wisely in a photographer that specializes in  weddings, offers you a package consisting of X amount of hours on the day of, albums or album credits, your digital proofs and much more. I stress this vendor to all my clients because your wedding memories will last a lifetime and you'll need a professional to assure you get those candid shots, emotional moments and just formals. Someone that knows how to handle and manage the bridal party and make sure you have all your "must have" photos. Please, Please whatever you do with your wedding planning and budget assure photography is number 1 on your list.

3. Too many members in the bridal party. Ok! I get it we all have family and friends and we want to keep everyone happy but let's be real you won't be happy trying to please everyone else. Too many members in the bridal party will only create chaos and fights between you all. Select your selective members and give the others that are part of your court other roles in the wedding, such as: Ushers, greeters, readers, helping you on the wedding day and the list can go on with different opportunity to involve others in your wedding. These are all things we can assist you with during your planning process.

4. Hair and Make up: Both very important elements on the day of your wedding please make sure you do a trail run both hair and make up and discuss your likes and dislikes so on the day of your wedding you aren't upset.

5. I have a friend of a friend that does it all! Yes, Ok! Fine! It's great they do but do they work week in and out with weddings? Are they licensed and insured? Guys! I know we want to save money as much as possible since weddings can become expensive but we have professionals for a reason. they cater to these sorts of events week in and out. Some food for thought!

6. Family members: This one can be hard and goes hand in hand with number 3. We all want to please Mom and Dad and even the in-laws. When giving tips and suggestions on your wedding is totally fine but try not to let your parents take over your wedding and control you remember its YOUR wedding. Very nicely just let your families know you appreciate the tips, help and advice, however, you have other ideas in mind. Keep them happy and try to avoid arguments especially in front of vendors during meetings.

7. Why didn't I hire a planner? (My favorite) of course... Sometimes couples have the wrong idea on planners, they think we are too expensive and not necessary. Let's be real! A Wedding planner will save you time, money and energy. We are professionals in the industry we know the do's and don't and things to look out for to assure your day flows smoothly and nothing was overlooked so waste of money, I say maybe not we actually are known as fairy godmothers because of all the task we tackle at once.

8. Slow down and enjoy the day! Yes, we understand you are excited, your nerves have taken over you but sit back slip on a glass of champagne and just take it all in. Don't stress the small stuff! Things happen and we will make the best out of the situation to turn it around. Don't try to control everything just trust the process. Take it all in, it will be over in a blink of an eye!

9. Stay on schedule: I can't stress this enough..... Staying on schedule is so important overall so you can enjoy the day fully. Remember if you are late, the clock doesn't stop and it will only shorten your party so make sure to stay on your timeline. Don't try to change and move things around either this will only create confusion with vendors on the day of and everyone wants to give their input at that point and will make things run even later since no one wants to come to an agreement so just stick to the timeline, review it with your planner and assure you like the plan so you don't make any changes on the day of. Also, make sure all vendors follow the timeline thoroughly.

10. "Last but not least" Don't forget what its all about: It's YOUR day remember the day is focus on the both of you, the day marks the start of your new lives together make sure you take time to focus on each other. Dance like no one is watching and drink responsively you will want to remember your wedding day!

We hope these tips help you to avoid any wedding mishaps! Please contact us if you need any other advice and tips after all, that's what we are here for.

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