Thursday, May 8, 2014

LeeAnn and Don's beautiful Garden wedding

LeeAnn and Don's Beautiful garden wedding. Where do I start?! LeeAnn's aunt and uncle have this beautiful home with what I would call an out of this world gorgeous garden....
It was the picture perfect venue for their wedding. The day forecast 90% chance of rain and for over a week and a half we monitored the weather. I, remember telling Josie (LeeAnn's mom) and LeeAnn. "It will not rain, it's actually going to be a beautiful day" (Positive vibes) Indeed those vibes were heard loud and clear and the day couldn't of been more perfect. They did listen to my advice on getting a tent just incase and what a tent? Beautifully and clear and you could still appreciate all the beauty in that garden. Here are some great and beautiful photos taken by Cary Diaz Photography.

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