Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daniella & Justin's Wedding

Daniela & Justin exchanged wedding vows in July 2010 although it was a rainy day that didn't stop the smiles on their faces. Both are in active duty in Iraq and we only had a short time to plan their wedding during their time off in the Summer.

Daniela & Justin held their wedding ceremony at one of my favorite churches in Miami. The Plymouth Congregational in Coconut Grove, Fl.

I love couples that are unique and want different things for their wedding. We created a photo sign-in of different photos of Daniela & Justin so the guest can sign and this way they can hang it up later at their home.

My sweet delights how I love candy stations. Daniela only wanted yellow candies for her station to go with her theme colors of yellow and blue.

Nevot Flowers took care of all of Daniela & Justin's floral and centerpieces.

Another very in-style way to get your guest to sign-in is to create a wishing well. Have your guests write you a wedding wish and place it in a box.

Daniela & Justin shared their first dance as husband and wife.

Let them have cake!!! This amazing cake is a rose and it resembled Daniela's dress.

Special Thank you to Daniela and Justin and to all the wonderful vendors that put this great wedding together but last but not least, I must give a special thank you and recognition to my wonderful photographer Manolo with In-Focus Studios. He is not only amazing but truly talented and creative.

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