Friday, April 10, 2009

Denise's Quinces

Denise Gonzalez-Abreu celebrated her Quinces at Hilton Miami Airport last Saturday.

This event carried tons of details which Denise's mother worked very hard on.
What's an event without our famous touches on the Candy Station.

The guest seating arrangements were luggage tags of places Denise has visited.

Denise loves Horses, all the pictures on the table for the guest to take were photos of her on her favorite horse. Her big picture was kept as a surprise from all her family members and was not reviled till moments before the door opening.

The entrance of the ballroom was decorated with cylinder vases and green orchids and on the top floating candles.
The tables decor spoke for itself. From sparkling crystals to personal cupcakes for each guest.

The moment came and Denise made her Grand Entrance in the ballroom.

She shared a beautiful dance with her father.
The party than began; special Thanks to Denise and her family for giving us the opportunity to make Denise day a dream come true. To view more pictures from this event please visit our gallery.

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